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Update your book marks and head over to and check out the new site!!!

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Launch to read the interview. Thanks again Kenta for spending the afternoon with me.

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Check this out a mini ramp up in a tree!!!

Deph trying out his new look?

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported independent brands.

After the sale headed over to Mitsuwa for some lunch and meet up with some friends and check out mags.

Mike Kim picked up a Maisto x DSTROYR 370Z at Mitsuwa (see the found in the wild post).

Kenta from TokyoDriveMagazine happened to drive by and saw the DSTROYR Tank out front and stopped by.

The weather was so nice in Costa Mesa, but I had to head back to the heat…

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Full feature is coming soon, so stoked on this!!!

Thanks again Kenta!!!

Hit the link to launch the preview.

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