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Check this out a mini ramp up in a tree!!!

Deph trying out his new look?

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported independent brands.

After the sale headed over to Mitsuwa for some lunch and meet up with some friends and check out mags.

Mike Kim picked up a Maisto x DSTROYR 370Z at Mitsuwa (see the found in the wild post).

Kenta from TokyoDriveMagazine happened to drive by and saw the DSTROYR Tank out front and stopped by.

The weather was so nice in Costa Mesa, but I had to head back to the heat…

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Turn out was pretty good, which was pretty amazing with all the other events going on. Thanks to everyone who supports DSTROYR. Great making new friends and catching up with old friends some of which I haven’t seen in years.

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DSTROYR is gonna have a small booth at the Circle Of Success Sale this Saturday. You may notice DSTROYR isn’t on the flyer, we secured a spot after the flyer was created. Come out and support independent brands!!!

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Yesterday was the actual Swap Sale, no it wasn’t the Costa Mesa swap meet. The name I guess could be confusing to some, but let’s keep it moving. Had a solid turn out, I got to me some new brands face to face. DSTROYR had a successful day of sales and new heads got to see it live and direct for the first time. All in all great day, I always love hanging out with the Tie Die For crew!!!

Matching shell on the Chevy what!!!

CLAZIK Clothing great to finally meet you in person!

Sucker for roof racks

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Due to the rain last Saturday The Swap Sale was pushed back to this coming Saturday.

more info here

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The Swap Sale is being pushed over to next Saturday. The rain proved to great for the outdoor sale, and hope to see you then. A few die hards came out and I was selling it out the trunk style.

The parking lot was more of a lake with huge puddles.

The Swap Sale 12.19.09 same location same time just different bat day.

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