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DRS Tactical Systems is offering

Mission Critical Rugged Computing
DRS Dual Core Military Rugged Tablet (MRT) establishes new standards in features and performance for highly rugged military computers. The MRT meets MIL-STD-810F,
MIL-STD-461E and features embedded MIL-STD-1275 power conditioning. In addition to PCMCIA slot(s), this ultra-rugged tablet offers a flexible connector panel, which allows each unit to be customized with a variety of standard communication devices, such as TacLink and PCIDM modems. All MRT’s have internal “flex” space that can accommodate a Global Positioning System (GPS) or an additional radio. A Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) option is also available.

The MRT features a military-grade aluminum case with Intel’s 1.66 GHz Dual Core Processor and a 10.4-inch XGA or SVGA display with dependable 5-wire touch screen and NVIS capable display. The MRT can be hard-mounted directly into a vehicle platform without the added costs of an additional vibration isolation kit.

DRS’ MRT is already the rugged computing tablet of choice for:
• U.S. Army – Movement Tracking System (MTS), Mortar Fire Control System and Intelligent Munitions Systems (IMS)
• U.S. Marine Corps – Target Location Designation Hand-Off System (TLDHS / Strikelink Program)
• U.S. Air Force – Tactical Air Control Party Modernization Program (TACP-M)

DRS’ MRT provides rugged and reliable computing to the Warfighter for use in any mission critical application. Soldiers depend on DRS computer systems that go wherever the mission is. You can count on DRS.


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