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Johnny Thunders is my subject that I picked for the show and here it is.

For more info hit up Exhibit A Gallery for more info.


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10.30.10 at Exhibit A Gallery

The theme of the art show is dead rock stars, so all the artist myself included will be painting dead rockers.

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Launch to read the interview. Thanks again Kenta for spending the afternoon with me.

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Was going thru some old mags and came across these little issues. Burn Out Magazine is from Japan and these are dated back in 2000. The magazine celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in 2009. This mag covers the auto culture scene thru out Japan and the US. I meet Nash the man who runs the mag back in 1999 at Mooneyes or maybe it was 1998…

In this spread you can see E-Dog, Enamel, Hot Rod (when he ran Hot Rods in Norco), Vandemon, and me (Jon Chase) from 1999. This show was pretty on point and I remember how cool Hot Rod’s was back then. Since then it was sold and became a straight up speed shop, I bought my Weld Drag Lites from there and still running them on the 67.

Congrats to Nash and Burn Out Magazine!!!

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Here is how it’s coming along, next photo of it will be posted when it’s done. Now back to work!!!

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Full feature is coming soon, so stoked on this!!!

Thanks again Kenta!!!

Hit the link to launch the preview.

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Unique execution is the best way to describe Bowls LA video of FD Long Beach. I mean unique in a good way, so sit back and enjoy.

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