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I briefly spoke about this ultra rugged iPad case earlier this year on my first Incipio video review. While I made that video this product wasn’t out yet. Well it just landed on my doorstep and here it is The DESTROYER by Incipio. This case will replace my Incipio Feather iPad case. That case was great but this one is awesome!

The iPad actually lives inside this silicone core which is sandwiched between the front and back (mil spec grade nylon) of the case. The side bars which hold the whole case together is fastened by a allen screw on each corner. Did I mention it has SAFETY ORANGE!!!

Looks perfect with my mid day assault molle back pack also in OD. This case is hands down bad ass!!!


  • Super rugged – mil spec grade nylon lighter and stronger than steel WHAT!!!
  • OD and safety orange also available in Ninja black
  • 3 layers of protection
  • ports are covered
  • it’s bad ass

Yes this case makes your once tiny and light iPAd into a tank, and you can feel the difference. But for how much I take mine on the road it’s well worth it. Thank you Incipio and Jarod De Anda the┬áBrand Ambassador for providing this product.

Please note this is not a DSTROYR product.


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Watch this and be amazed that some people can actually think this way.

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This iPad sketch was created in Sketchbook Pro.

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Did this kinda quick on the iPad with my PenGo and Sketchbook Pro app. Just wanted to do something loose and fun.

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While cruising Comic Con came up on this small booth selling a new pen / stylus. First off the round tip is really smooth and I prefer it over the Pogo. It glides over the screen and feels more natural. I have been doing so much for the past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to finish my first piece with it. But so far it’s really nice and feels just right. PenGo is in the works to release a new BrushPen and also a painting app. Stop by and check it out if your in the market for a solution.

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Thanks to Incipio, and Jarod for the great products to review.

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Drew this up in Sketchbook with a pogo stylus while on a break today. Just experimenting with different brushes and doing a loose concept.

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