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In the past several month I have really been getting back into doing artwork the old fashion way. Really it has been a much needed change of pace for me, and also good idea to keep these skills sharp. I sit in front of a computer up to 14 + hours a day, so not having a tablet and keyboard in front of me is nice.

Over the past eight years I have been conditioned to use a computer for all art to create a file. This file is clean perfect and can be easily produced into a product. Don’t think I am hating on digital art, I’m not the computer and software are just another tool to create with. But something is different when you can sit down and rock a pencil, or ink the artwork with a brush.

I guess it all really comes down to the true love of the reason why I ‘m an artist. I love to draw things, create, design, and just have fun doing it. I’m extremely fortunate to be a professional artist, and somedays I pinch myself to make sure it’s really happening. I never discourage any up and coming artist, the reason is simple if you want it bad enough you can get it. I was kicked on the way up by some people and that has stayed with me. And for those who encouraged me on the way I remember them, and am thankful they believed in me more than myself.

The tattoo on my right forearm that runs from wrist to elbow says “Follow Your Dreams”. It’s on my drawing arm, and I truly believe this statement and state of mind. So never stop following your dreams, one day you may wake up and being living it everyday.

ink cup is 15 years old the build up is pretty gnarly.

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