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Update your book marks and head over to and check out the new site!!!

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So only took almost a week to get the new blog solution figured out over at the new website. So please everyone head on over to and hit up the blog. This will be the archive for DSTROYR now. Man it’s hard to believe 1200 posts have been put up here. The new blog has quite a bit of catching up to do. Please update your bookmarks and thanks again for your support.



Well been pretty busy over here working on new product and other DSTROYR related things. First off you may notice the new look of the blog a little less clutter and that’s for one simple reason time to change. First off if you haven’t done so please head over to it’s no longer a navigation page but a real website. And for the time being I will still be blogging on this account till I can get a solution over at the new website up and running. Usually people do spring cleaning in spring, around here it happens whenever it can. ¬†Thanks again for all the support!!!


The Forza 3 photo comp has come to a close and the winners have been announced! All of the entries were really really good.

Bushido Haku
1st Place ( 3 Million Credits + DSTROYR LE Car )

2nd Place ( 2 Mil Credits + DSTROYR LE Car )

AZT Dolan77
3rd Place ( 1 Mil Credits + DSTROYR LE Car )

I had the honor of picking the Owners Choice Award ( Wins A LE Car and a Tshirt from DSTROYR Clothing! )

Honarable Mention ( The judges’s Personal Favorite )

I just wanna say thanks again to ID Lowlife for taking the time to create the car and also to involve DSTROYR in the comp. And his continued support of DSTROYR in the Forza Community! Thanks to GEARBOX Tuning, and all the gamers who participated.

See all the entries here.

Come on Turn 10 Studios let’s finish the project we started at E3.

Forza Blog post


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Been super busy and actually kinda behind on posting from last week and the weekend. So should be getting those prepped and ready to blasted tonight. For those of you who made it out to Formula Drift this past weekend and stopped by the booth we shared with the Motormavens crew thanks for the support! And congrats to Vaughn Gittin Jr for the 2010 FD Championship. The final four battles were super exciting to witness.

So stay tuned and thanks for checking in here.


Just like the song says, be back soon. Should have some new intel to share.


Amerikajin Custom Fab were the first people to team up with me and the local scene at AMP. Headed up by Gilbert, Otis, Wes, and a cast of characters like Ryan Litteral, Litle James, Trevor, and Eddie just to name a few. This shop was and still is building many of the local cars out here. I own much to them and typical of how things go, I haven’t been to the shop since before summer. It’s like 1 mile away from DSTROYR HQ and I still lag. Well I just wanted to give them a shout on here.

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It really happens sometimes, no it really does not sure why.

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