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Well been pretty busy over here working on new product and other DSTROYR related things. First off you may notice the new look of the blog a little less clutter and that’s for one simple reason time to change. First off if you haven’t done so please head over to it’s no longer a navigation page but a real website. And for the time being I will still be blogging on this account till I can get a solution over at the new website up and running. Usually people do spring cleaning in spring, around here it happens whenever it can. ¬†Thanks again for all the support!!!


I briefly spoke about this ultra rugged iPad case earlier this year on my first Incipio video review. While I made that video this product wasn’t out yet. Well it just landed on my doorstep and here it is The DESTROYER by Incipio. This case will replace my Incipio Feather iPad case. That case was great but this one is awesome!

The iPad actually lives inside this silicone core which is sandwiched between the front and back (mil spec grade nylon) of the case. The side bars which hold the whole case together is fastened by a allen screw on each corner. Did I mention it has SAFETY ORANGE!!!

Looks perfect with my mid day assault molle back pack also in OD. This case is hands down bad ass!!!


  • Super rugged – mil spec grade nylon lighter and stronger than steel WHAT!!!
  • OD and safety orange also available in Ninja black
  • 3 layers of protection
  • ports are covered
  • it’s bad ass

Yes this case makes your once tiny and light iPAd into a tank, and you can feel the difference. But for how much I take mine on the road it’s well worth it. Thank you Incipio and Jarod De Anda the¬†Brand Ambassador for providing this product.

Please note this is not a DSTROYR product.

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Culver Center Of The Arts in Riverside is also having a exhibition called Re:Cycle. This is a pretty awesome display if you are remotely interested in bikes do yourself a favor and check it out. Oct 07 – Dec 31. If your into bikes you will totally love it, I myself thought it was great!

I capped a few pics but this is one of those shows you must see in person.

The spoke cards on display are awesome!

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Let’s start this post with the colabo sticker between Jersery Streets and DSTROYR. I was lucky that Brian saved me 1. It was pretty hard to get but I did see it on many of the comp cars. Thanks Brian!!!

Another sticker you may say, but this one is different. I did this illustration and the design for my homie Jarod De Anda (the voice of FD). We crossed paths very briefly and he passed along this jem. I’m pretty stoked on it, and something new for me I actually put my name on this. Usually I don’t put my name on the designs, but always time to do something different. Thanks Jarod

Brian keep the growth going!!!

4RP you wait and see!

Joey looking like he’s down for anything.

Josh (Hobo) Herron showing his latest DSTROYR fashion.

Jake what can I say he is truly a stand out amongst the tattoo dirt bags that seem to attend events. Hey don’t anyone get offended by the dirt bag comment, I’m one of those tattoo dirties.

We support ODI and so should you!

I was over at Kyle Mohan’s pit and I spotted this modded out custom top using the design I did with KMR. Check this out, pretty nice IMO.

These guys are super awesome, that’s all I got to say! Capt Random What up!!!

Laruen’s cigarette box, the DSTROYR version.

Here is Lauren with her cigarette box, DSTROYR version.

Keep watching the OG horror movies, they are still way better than the reboots.

My favorite Arch Enemy in the world.

The winner of the contest on the left, George of on the right. Thanks again!!!

I was able to catch the last 4 battles of the night.

Congrats to Tanner, Vaughn, and Takatori for putting on a really great show. The 2010 champ is non other than Vaughn Gittin Jr. congrats man on a awesome season. And also congrats on the engagement!!!

That was my recap of the finals at The House of Drift, I still have to assemble some sketchy video I capped from my iphone. That was a great season and I can’t wait till 2011!!! And to everyone who supported DSTROYR I want to thank you again.

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Been super busy and actually kinda behind on posting from last week and the weekend. So should be getting those prepped and ready to blasted tonight. For those of you who made it out to Formula Drift this past weekend and stopped by the booth we shared with the Motormavens crew thanks for the support! And congrats to Vaughn Gittin Jr for the 2010 FD Championship. The final four battles were super exciting to witness.

So stay tuned and thanks for checking in here.


I really like Incipio cases, great construction and they are like armor for your gear. Already save my iPhone 4 from a concrete fumble and kept on cruising. Thanks again Jarod!!!

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just came back from a screening of “sucker punch”

its a must see movie of the year..

lots of action.. guns.. swords.. hot girls! need i say more?

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