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After months of waiting and waiting I finally got my Square reader. For those not up on this little plastic dongle makes taking credit cards a breeze! Plug it into any head phone jack on almost any smart phone and your doing it. Well you have to fill out paper work and wait but after that it’s game on.

I got my reader just before Formula Drift finals a few weeks ago, and I was so happy to have it. And guess what it works great no problems and I’m ready anywhere I have a signal.




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Watch this and be amazed that some people can actually think this way.

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Ken Block continues his viral video domination!!! Oh yeah this time he’s doing it in Paris, France in Linas at l’Autodrome de Linas –Montlhéry. Also note the 51 degree bank that he smashes on!!!

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Sometimes you just happen to find truly awesome things on the web. I really thought I had come to the end of the internet about 2 years ago. But I was so wrong about that, I was doing some research and I found this awesome pic which lead me to The Great Kat!!! Here is the what came up on the Wiki page.

The Great Kat is the stage name of Katherine Thomas (born 1966 in Swindon), an English-born, New York-raised, musician best known for her thrash metal interpretations of well-known pieces of classical music. Most feature her using the electric guitar, but some have her on violin. Thomas is in fact a classically-trained violinist, graduating from the Juilliard School and touring for a time playing conventional classical music before crossing over to metal.

Guitar One magazine listed her as one of the “Top Shredders of All Time”,[1] [2] and many media reviews of her work have praised the speed and clarity of her playing. Her classical background, technical skills and self-promotion are sometimes compared to Yngwie Malmsteen.

Kat’s public persona, as portrayed in her publicity photos and videos, is mainly that of a dominatrix, albeit in a somewhat over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek manner.

Check the video and see for yourself!!!

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This video comes from lilbig420. Speedway is so awesome!!!

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