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Johnny Thunders is my subject that I picked for the show and here it is.

For more info hit up Exhibit A Gallery for more info.



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10.30.10 at Exhibit A Gallery

The theme of the art show is dead rock stars, so all the artist myself included will be painting dead rockers.

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Culver Center Of The Arts in Riverside is also having a exhibition called Re:Cycle. This is a pretty awesome display if you are remotely interested in bikes do yourself a favor and check it out. Oct 07 – Dec 31. If your into bikes you will totally love it, I myself thought it was great!

I capped a few pics but this is one of those shows you must see in person.

The spoke cards on display are awesome!

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I posted the poster for this show at the RAM a few weeks ago. Last week I was able to check it out for myself. This show is what has been considered low brow artwork, but it’s quickly becoming hi class cool… Many of the artist included are quite huge in the art / pop culture world in my eyes. So I was pretty sure this was gonna have some really great work.

Big ass Coop piece

More Coop and for some odd reason these 3 canvases blew my mind. Totally changed my thoughts on painting, not sure why this happened. I have been following his work since the early 90’s. And even ran into him at Comic Con many years ago. I remember he saw me and I was wearing one of his shirts. He looked at me then his shirt, shook his head and kept walking.

Hussar is just a beast in my eyes, I really love his work.

Really!!! Just look at this…

One of Ausgang’s pieces up in the show.

Suzanne Williams

Ron English

Some more English for ya.

Robert Williams is so sick, love his work and his rides.

Van Arno

Spain is super sick with the ink, that’s all I gotta say.

This was just a glimpse of what you can see at this exhibit which runs till Jan 8th 2011.

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A selection of pedal cars from the David Whitmire Hearst Jr. Foundation

Oct 7th – Dec 31

Culver Center Riverside CA

This is perfect motivation since I’m just about to start working on a vintage pedal car for my son. Granted he is still a few months away from getting here, I have our first project together already picked out.

The Culver Center is so nice, the screening room has some really interesting films on the program. I’m gonna try and catch a few films for sure. Check this link for the schedule.

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At the Riverside Art Museum (RAM) I was out of town for the opening, but for sure gonna stop in and check it out.

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No matter what any one says Winsor Newton Series 7 brushes are the best! If they wanna fight about it let them try and take the brush challenge. They load up great, bounce like crazy and hold it together. Not gonna lie not the most economical of brushes but worth the $ IMO. I just re upped on my inventory in the studio. The old ones have been in service for the past 5-6 years.