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I honestly don’t know how I got to meet Jon.  I noticed my friend Tony, Terry, Jessie, and Mark all wearing Dstroyr gear one day.  I had no idea what Dstroyr was or where it came from but I really liked the concept.  I looked into it myself and found out it was a clothing company, thats all I was able to find.

Then little by little I began to piece everything together and then before I knew it, I got to meet Jon.  He is probably the most laid back person Ive ever met.  I really appreciate him sharing his creativity with all of us.  In return I try to sport dstroyr gear as much as possible.  Now that I find myself in the east coast I have a lot of people asking me about my hoodie sweater and my t-shirts.  I have not met a single person that has said anything negative about dstroyr, everyone so far loves the design and concept behind dstroyr, which is good.  🙂

When Jon asked me to help him out with a few projects I jumped at the opportunity and managed every which way to follow through and work them into my schedule.

He last asked me to photograph the group of friends that have helped support dstroyr from day one.  I was more than glad to help out.


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