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Update your book marks and head over to and check out the new site!!!

ID Lowlife has done it again, this time starting up a photo comp for Forza 3. This time he has set up a grip car and it’s awesome!!!

The Tune is set up for short and medium tracks, with excellent handling.

Photo Comp.

Pick up the car and give us your best pics. You can post entries on this thread until 12 noon pacific, Oct 15th 2010.

1st Prize = 3 mil + 1 LE DSTROYR Evo

2nd Prize = 2 mil + 1 LE DSTROYR Evo

3rd Prize = 1 mil + 1 LE DSTROYR Evo

To post your entries hit up the forum here.

Thanks again ID Lowlife!!!


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