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I’m a fan of horror movies always have been, particularly zombie films so about time a graphic comes out based on this. Night of The Living Dead is the usual inspiration for many graphics. But I have fond memories of watching Return of The Living Dead (1985) with my friend B.M.V. when we were teenagers. The usual saturday was skate to Corona Bowl and play some video games, hit the video store (what is that?), then head back to the house and watch some VHS tapes.

Night of The Living Dead is a comedy and it’s pretty funny still to this day. Typical teenager bonus it had a full nude punk girl zombie in it, most fans remember that more than the movie. Crazy soundtrack also on this movie on mean, The Cramps, T.S.O.L., The Damned, 45 Grave, just to name a few.

So the DSTROYR Brains shirt is based on RoTLD, that’s the inspiration for your information.



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