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Got this camera about 3 months ago, by no means am I a photographer. But I do like to take me some pictures, and my old Canon point and shoot was just not cutting it anymore. After much debate and went for the G11, still compact enough to put in my back pocket and enough function to handle most everything I will need. I was thinking of a DSLR, but I’m not gonna get glass and I like the form factor of the G11.

I’m a macro fan, and I guess that’s because I look at things really close normally. So this camera is a champ when it comes for some macro action. Overall this camera is just right for me, enough flexibility to conquer most anything.

Not really a review just a post to state how much I like this camera. One down side to this piece of hardware, no HD recording??? 640 x 480 what?  Pretty sure the G12 will have it since the new S95 got it HD with HDMI out.


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