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Update your book marks and head over to and check out the new site!!!

The ability to customize your cars in Forza is truly incredible, the patience these painters have is mind blowing. I did the RPM logo in game and it took about 2 hours. And I was pretty much done after that. ID LowLife and Dis OldMan Tiger gifted me a few new DSTROYR vinyl groups a gnarly Ford truck and I’m super stoked!!!

ID LowLife hooked me up with this S15 and a tune that’s pretty killer, way different than the WT500 91 Camaro.

These vinyl groups and designs were created for the FMDA 2010 comp earlier this year. Wrecked Magazine and DSTROYR were sponsors for the event.

Dis OldMan Tiger sent over the DSTROYR Team Karnage graphic with the subbed FMDA 2010 on it. I flipped my lid when I saw this during the comp!!!

Thanks guys for taking the time to create these graphics in game!


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