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Well not gonna have much for photos from this past weekend. I was pretty much at the booth the whole event. Thanks again to Antonio and MotorMavens for having DSTROYR split the booth space. Also big thanks to Jay Vanityy for coming thru and signing posters thru out the evening.

The adventure begins with taking 5 hours to get the sin city, accidents shut down the last leg of the 15 so we had to bomb Las Vegas Blvd to get into town. After all that and fighting to find parking made it to The Golden Nugget. The Nugget as I will call it is really nice!!! I was at the Fitz last month and that place was straight opposite of rad. So I was figuring the GN would be the same since it was in old town Vegas. I was totally wrong the shark tank / water slide / pool is the big attraction and the overall appearance this place is the straight ripping. And it was taken over by FD and everyone involved it was just that much more gnar.

Comp day begins with us running with a man down Herb Rock 1 was running Friday night till the wheels came off. Glitter Gulch was on the radar for some and only they know what really went down. Others just played it safe figuring that 12 hours in the sun and heat at the track was enough punishment why add anymore ammo to the already trying day.

Congrats to Kyle Mohan for qualifying 2nd on Friday!!!

So here we begin the day of comp, and who do I run into my real close homie Mr. Jarod De Anda the voice of FD. As you can see here Jarod is rocking his FD uniform with his Arch Enemy carry on bag.

Arrive at the track and pull up next to Jr, I had to see the helmet in person. For those of you who remember I was hired to create the illustration that is on this helmet. So stoked I got to see it in person and cap a few pics of it for my personal file. Thanks again Vaughn!!!

Cruised down the pits to find the latest addition to the DSTROYR crew. Mr. Odi Bakchis one of the nicest people I have ever met ( on the real). Odi is the points leader for the Vegas ProAm series thru Vegas Drift.

Hobo (Keep Drifting Fun) and Jarod doing things.

Cameras and DSTROYR stickers go like peanut butter and jelly.

Justin looking pretty Eye Of The Tiger!

Vanessa was working the NFS booth she is a homie from way back and so happy she is doing it. I open up mags all the time and see her in ads and other modeling gigs.

Jay Vanityy came thru and started signing poster right at the jump.

Joey Redmond from stopped by to say hi. Make sure you check out the Ford Raptor review is writing up.

MotorMavens model Michelle rocking the collabo MotorMavens x DSTROYR dress.

Herb Rock 1 Driftwell alive and well!!!

Killing it on the bull horn all day and night!!!

Terry Pham!!!

Forza 3 drifter and painter ID LowLife, this dude has recreated DSTROYR graphics in game and I like it!!!

Industry Made all the way from DC!!!

Ray giving me the low down on exotics and which are his personal favs.

Missed the entire Vegas ProAm event which DSTROYR actually sponsors. So busy at the booth couldn’t get away… Did make it to the awards portion to pass out gear to the winners.

I was busy dodging champagne I didn’t get any before pics. But here is the Vegas ProAm points leader and winner Odi Bakchis!!!

Pro awards was next I had to skip to finish help breaking down the booth. Just want to thank Nick Dizon from Vegas Drift for putting together a great grass root series Vegas ProAm. And also being kind enough to have DSTROYR be a part of that. Bummed out I missed all the comp, but that’s how it goes. I am happy I got to meet some really great people at the event. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported DSTROYR. Thanks again Antonio, MotorMavens, Tree, Herb Rock 1,  Jarod, Jay Vanityy (she signed 250 + posters) , Kid Yosh, Vegas Drift, FD, KDF, Jacob Chills, BeardLife (WHAT!!!)  just thanks everyone who is down with DSTROYR!!!



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