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Lastnight was the Forza Motorsports Event at The ID Agency. The Forza Motorsports Kinect demo was shown off to this intimate group. All I have to say about the demo was it was mind blowing. The technology is so powerful and I can only imagine how this will change gaming in the future.

This event was very special this time for DSTROYR. I was chosen to create a concept for a Forza painter to recreate live at the event. I got to meet Fred the painter who was flown in for the event to recreate my sketch. I have nothing but mad respect for the painters in Forza. The time needed to create a piece in game is very challenging. I did the RPM logo and I was pretty much going crazy and that logo is easy compared to full pieces.

Fred was recreating the Headhunters DSTROYR logo in game.

Kinect what is it? Well it used to be nick named Project Natal. It’s a device that lets you interact with your Xbox 360 and it’s software. The driving experience was extremely fun and not in the least a lite version of the Forza series. The casual nature of the controls is perfect anyone can play no gaming experience needed. Which is really ideal for those who are put off by so many buttons on console controllers now a days. Anyone can just jump in front of the TV and start to play.

Check out this video just to see how it works.

Here is Fred recreating my sketch for  part of the graphic.

Here is what Fred was able to get done in about 4 hours live. Much respect to him!!!

Here is special gift I was given by Turn 10 Studios creators of Forza. Yes this is a Fanatec wheel and it’s super bad ass!!! Now I just need to assemble a simulator set up. I will do a product review of this awesome piece of gaming equipment over the weekend.

Thanks again to The ID Agency, and Turn 10 Studios for the opportunity to work on a dream project. Stay tuned for the results of this project between Forza 3 and DSTROYR!!!


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