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Well after my last super budget bamboo tablet took a dump I was on the hunt for a new solution. I still have my back up Graphire 3 tablet which can still hold it down. But at this time I have decided to step up my equipment. So after debating for about a week I went ahead and picked up the Wacom Cintiq 12WX. The ability to draw right on the screen has cut my sketching time in half. And the ability to have a more natural connection with the process is a plus also.


  • Natural drawing feel
  • Increased productivity
  • Tablet is another monitor
  • Comfortable to work on


  • Price
  • No matter what anyone says this isn’t something you are just gonna carry with on you all the time. To me it’s a set it up and leave it kinda tablet.
  • More cables on my desk

So I will have to give this product a super high marks, wish I would have made the jump years ago. May not be for everyone, but it makes it fun to draw on the computer.


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