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So the plan was set and DSTROYR had a small booth at Xtreme Drift Circuit / Remix Car show. Everything was set up the wind started to pick up, sandbags were tied to the booth. The wind really started to pick up and like the Wizard Of Oz the new EZ-UP took off, and when it came down it was wrecked. So with the shelter and the main way to display product out of the picture I was kinda screwed. Luckily the guy next to me offered some space in his booth. That was real nice of him and after 25 mins of being in his EZ-Up took off also. So he broke it down and took off, so I was forced to do what anyone in my situation would do. Trunk the sales as best I could and drink beer. Mind you this whole angry wind thing started to happen at 12:30 by 1:30 it had taken many booths. Worst part the gates opened for this event at noon. So the pictures in here are just a few things I checked out.

Overall the XDC event was pretty cool, taking several different aspects of auto culture and mixing them together. My personal suggestion would be to have tighten up the entire field and make it seem more of a community. The layout was pretty spaced apart from one another. The drifting action was pretty solid and it was crazy to see the final 4 go down. To see the some great coverage of this hit up or

Nick from

Nick says this is from “paintball”….

The windy fury in full effect!

Efrain Olivares rocking his mirror shades looking kinda like Terminator (1984).

Ross – DPP –

The only 70’s muscle car in the whole show, it’s a Chevy +1 it’s orange +10!!!

Had to take a picture of this I’m pretty sure it’s a Magnavox D8443.

Grass roots 100% I was really surprised on what this build cost. But this is how it goes down 1 truck 1 car and a tool box.

Jarod and I playing photo ping pong.


Jarod and I finally get to really meet Andy. I have been playing MW2 with him online for months. He’s a super Star Wars collector, things you find out about people.

Judges booth

Ernie Fixmer

World famous VegasDrift pit bike

Nick buying my DSTROYR backpack off my back.

Ricky going thru 2000 + photos on the way home.

Even though the sales of the day had suffered by the furious anger of the wind, I still have fun just hanging out. Now I’m researching into cement blocks as tied downs for the booth.

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