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Recently, my friend Terry Pham and myself have realized that we consume way too much cheap commercial beer.  Since we are all about grassroots and supporting the underdog, we decided to dive deep and start looking into more of the mom-and-pop type breweries.

These are some of the beers I tried just last night.  More reviews are being put up by Terry on his blog HERE

St Sebastiaan: 7.7%…. smooth hef flavor with high alcohol flavor aftertaste

Tangerine: 5.0% very light tangerine flavor… too light overall for my taste

Flying Dog: 5.5% strong hops flavor, but too low of an alcohol content for the flavor it comes with

Backdraft brown: 4.5% balanced alcohol percentage and hop/malt flavor. kind of light compared to flying dog

I would buy St Sebastiaan again, the others… not so much



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