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I’m kinda shocked to see this actually, COD Black Ops was just announced for this coming Nov. And another map pack is coming next month to MW2. I figured it was a wrap for this game. But what is included this go around and how much $$$? Well seems like you could just play COD 4 if you want because this pack has 2 more maps from COD4, and 3 new ones.

  • Vacant (COD4)
  • Strike (COD4)
  • Carnival (Maybe it’s like Kiss Vs. The Phantom of The Park)
  • Trailer Park (Joe Dirt may make a cameo?)
  • Fuel (no idea maybe a expanded version of the Rust map)

What does this all cost? You guessed it another $15 YAY!!! So pretty sure IW will make it rain again with cash money.


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