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Update your book marks and head over to and check out the new site!!!

Yesterday was round 1 for Formula Drift 2010 season if you didn’t know. DSTROYR was able to share a booth with MotorMavens at this event. This was the perfect place to release the collaboration between both brands.

Always great to see Nick from Vegas Drift, thanks again for the on track shots.

Thisisflik showing DSTROYR some love!!!

Bowls brought the Ruckus!!! Nice to meet Brandon and Ryan very cool dudes.

Ed’s truck became the grandstands for the booth.

Always great to see Mo, we had a super quick update on each others lives. Then he had to get back to smashes on some photos.

Smoking buddies for the day.

Always nice to meet online friends offline. ProjectDaze

The last of the SPR hats, time to release a new lid.

Multi tasking, passing out flyers, smoking, and dodging creepy all at the same time.

Kelvin Arreola breaking down his experience with tech day.

Antonio doing his thing in front of the camera.

Quite possibly the most positive person I have ever met.

Beer 30 with Herb, always thinking the right way.

Great turn out great times!!! I didn’t get to see any of the event, which was a bum out. The booth was busy enough I wasn’t able to leave good problem to have. Thanks to Antonio and the whole MotorMavens crew really made the event awesome!!! Would also like to thank the people who support DSTROYR and Motormavens the love shown was awesome.

For those unable to attend here is the collaboration design.

Buy it now online at or at DSTROYR HQ/Store


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