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Final post about the recent trip to Oregon, checked out the Saturday Market in Portland.

Hit  up UpperPlayGround PDX, and Compound across the street. Then Katrina spotted this weirdness just sitting in the middle of some door ways. 24 hour church of Elvis???

The artist calls it cheap art and it runs on quarters, it states her rent is paid each month by the people dropping in change to watch it.

Something way less weird in Portland.

Hit up Cinetopia luxury theater, one of the greatest movie theaters in the country. This theater is called the living room, it seats approx 40-50 people. Recliners, foot rest, drink beer in the theater, waiter service, it was dope. Pre show entertainment by a guy playing guitar. Not so dope is I get motion sickness from watching 3D movies. So I have no review of the Alice In Wonderland, since I felt I was gonna puke the whole time.


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