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While on my recent trip to Oregon I was finally able to stop by my friends place. Ryan and Melinda just had the 3 year anniversary for Bar Carlo last month.

I new I was in the right place when I saw Ryan’s B210 out front. He has always been a huge Datsun fan and this is the new build project. His last B210 was completely done and it was involved in a accident, so time to start over.

Bar Carlo is a restaurant / bar with movie nights and live music. But the movies here are 100% not the norm, I saw on his last twitter they were showing Ricky-O. If any of you know this film it’s not your typical movie. Also set up is a throwback console that plays the classic 8bit, and 16bit video games. So this place is already a favorite of mine just by pure entertainment only.

We had come for brunch, and with a menu that is has so much variety and spans from regular eats to straight vegan anyone can enjoy. And we did just that, I had a black bean omelette and it was super awesome!!! I’m not playing this was some of the best food I have ever tasted period. We all had excellent experiences with the food we ordered.

Here is Ryan giving me some info on films I need to watch. He has always been a great source for foreign films, comics, gaming, anime, damn pretty much everything not on the radar yet.

Here is Melinda and Ryan congrats again on 3 years so far and to the future.

If you are in the Portland area do yourself a favor and stop in to Bar Carlo.

Bar Carlo Twitter


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