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It’s pretty hard to believe that a game that has only been out since Nov 09 has DLC. Well not to hard to I guess since only a few weeks after the release of the MW2 people online were already over the maps. That’s how much people play this game, so when it was posted that a map pack was dropping heads exploded. Well with this map pack named “Stimulus Pack” come 5 maps. Three are actually new and two are from COD4 which are favorites to many players.

Well the only issue right now is the price of this DLC $15… Kinda pricey don’t you think? And with all the weirdness still going on in MW2 this will just add to the “I’m over this game” attitude that many of my friends have towards it now. I started to play COD4 again last night just to break up my gaming for awhile.

I’m pretty die hard to MW2 so I will probably just crack to the having new maps. Buy them and keep playing and hopefully that will hold me over till something new comes out.  No matter what people say, the amount of units sold and people playing, this map pack will bring in the money again.


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