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So a year ago I did a post talking about the end of physical media and now here is my update. Well it’s true I have completely done away with physical copies of virtually everything. I was rambling about CDs a year ago being a dinosaur, and talking about iTunes being the way. Granted iTunes has been running since 01 but you get the picture. Well now a year later I don’t even look at iTunes I listen to music online or on my iPhone by way of, Slacker (thanks Mark for this one), and With all 3 of these options I can pretty much hear everything and not have to worry about it.

A year ago I was praising Netflix and Apple TV, I didn’t buy a Apple TV but I did get hooked on Netflix. So much at your finger tips it’s kinda crazy. I actually looked at the Zune market place on my Xbox and that was surprising in a good way. So if you could get food delivered to your house you have no need to get up. Everything is just waiting for you to consume it and we wonder why everyone is so impatient now a days.

I recently started to buy my car magazines as digital copies now. That was kinda weird but actually works better for me, since I am in front of a computer so much. I can read at home or download them to my phone and thumb thru them while away.  For the cost of a few issues you get the whole year. And you don’t have to put it in the recycle bin after you done with them. And with the savings you can get more mags???

This latest digital media I picked up isn’t new but I was surprised how much better it is now. Digital comics not some indy book put together by the D&D kids who sit at the weird kid lunch table. I mean legit publishers and legit titles, I ripped thru Matt Wagner’s MAGE last night on my phone using Comixology’s app. I haven’t read that book in like 20 years… And the cost of the digital version is way less of course. Now granted you can’t create a great comic collection out of digital copies worth big bucks in 30 years. Pretty sure printed comics will continue for the collecting.

I’m just glad hard drives are getting less expensive each day and the storage keeps going up. Just hope your back up doesn’t crash and become a paper weight.


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