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Another reboot of a horror classic is about to drop. I totally understand the reboot concept reintroduce a brand to a whole new generation. Round it out with a contemporary cast and maybe a interesting soundtrack. With so many reboots in the past and so many more coming it’s hard to take them serious. But I will say after looking more into the people putting this one out it many be a decent “re-imagined” version of a 80s classic.

The Pros:
Jackie Earle Haley plays Freddie ( Will he deliver like Robert Englund?)
Samuel Bayer directs for the first time, granted he did make Niravana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, and a ton of other popular music videos for many many bands( he worked for Suicidal so his power is up +1 now). This will be his first feature film, McG did this jump time will tell if Bayer can also.
Wesley Strick wrote the screenplay he killed it on Cape Fear reboot but he also killed off Kevin Smith’s screenplay for the un-produced Superman Lives. Draw on this guy IMO

The Cons: Michael Bay? He did make The Rock, he did shoot a music video for Donny Osmond back in 89.

I am actually gonna watch this might not be in the theater it maybe at home on Sat TV or Netflix. Sure this film will turn a whole new crowd on to the OG classic Wes Craven NOES. The only 3 remakes I am really scared of are Akira, Logan’s Run, and Macross (Robotech).


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