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Not having to do with life but with a professional level. I work as a freelance artist currently and it’s interesting way of living. Not knowing who is gonna pay, and when more work will come. I’ve been pretty lucky with having gigs back to back.

This whole post is about dealing with clients and personalities. Many times it comes down to what the client is really looking for. Sometimes it’s pretty painless, the client is pretty clear and the vision they have. In that case it’s a matter of producing artwork and handing over a finished file.

In many of the cases the client has sort of an idea and that’s the detective role comes in. Asking questions digging thru reference the client has sent you. Mostly horrible jpegs and .gifs that are 60 x 60 pixels. Then hopefully you can create a concept they will like.

Then there is the I don’t know I just know it when I see it client. That’s the true challenge in this puzzle in my opinion. My thinking is that if you have no idea what you want how are you gonna know what you will like??? Sometimes you can just develop a few thumbnails and the can really start to open up and have an idea of what they are looking for. Sometimes they just shut down and your left with nothing.

That’s actually fine in the freelance world when you are doing things for a client. You expect that and you just let it roll and keep it moving. That is the first thing you have to learn when you start doing artwork for a living for other people/working for a company. I let it slide years ago, you can’t catch feelings on work for others. You must have feelings for your own work. That’s my whole thinking process, yours may vary.

The only place this drains me is in the collaboration department. Usually brands will work together and produce a product they both can be on and help each other out. This isn’t new it’s been going on since the beginning of time. Brands working together usually will compliment each other unless it’s the way out jam and no one is expecting it.

I have been presented with a handful of collaborations this year for DSTROYR™. And they have been really awesome. Sometimes a sketchy one will come up, and it’s the stick to your guns or just do it decision. I guess I’m just venting on here, this is some of the behind the curtain action that happens. Most people never hear or think about.

Keep on Keeping on!!!


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