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Saturday night headed out to Santa Monica to hit up Corpo Gallery. My long time homie Brian Viveros had a show with Dan Quintana. The show had a really good turn out and the artwork was awesome!!! Brian has really developed his vision and it shows, this is a must see in person experience. Viveros and Quintana did collabos on some of the work and had individual pieces of course.



Viveros – so sick!!!



Ran into some people I haven’t seen for a long time (Raul, Leo, Jimmy, Anna, and George). Also other artist homies from Riverside came thru to support the show Maxx Gramajo, and Steven Daily . I’m super stoked for Brian and where he has taken his art career. He has made it thru total commitment, he was sending out packages to magazines, galleries and any outlet that would look for years I mean years. He has created his style and now is totally free to express it how he feels. He is truly inspiring and shows thru hard work you can make it happen.

Here were are 24 years later, still talking about the same stuff. Comics, horror movies, wrestling (I still keep a slight ear to it) and art. I couldn’t help but smile I was truly stoked for my friend.

In another room Bad Otis Link was showing this dude is OG 80’s. Doing many show flyers, band merch, and some skatedecks in the mix.

This is a later piece 1990 but it was for RHCP tour, I went to see this tour at the Greek.

The artist said this was the first RHCP shirt to be made as merch.

Show flyer on velum, man this is the way it was before computers.

This is pretty sick…

Dude had some artwork about serial killers, you have to see it in person.

Show was great check it out at Corpo Gallery show will be up till 02.06.10


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