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Today I needed to change the oil on the 67, the car is kinda low so jacking the car up is the only way to do it. I always use jackstands and take extra time to make sure it’s all safe. Well today I was jacking up the car and getting the stands in place, went back to the jack gave it one more extra pull to get it to clear the stands and it slipped off the jack and came down. Lucky for me I wasn’t under it!!! The jack stands went into the wheel wells and didn’t go thru the floor. The jack slowed down the fall, the front suspension took most of the impact. The only thing to take damage was the pulley before the balancer. I went ahead changed the oil fired the car up and yup the pulley before the balancer got bent. Removed the fan shroud, fan, blower belt, and the alt belt, got to the pulley and it won’t lay flat on the ground. So lucky for me so far the only thing damaged is a pulley…

I used to watch my friend do all the work to his car with a floor jack and no stands, I never trust just a jack. It’s a mechanical tool that can fail or in my case just slip. Don’t skip on safety.


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