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After a long and abused life my Wacom Graphire (ET) tablet has finally started to show it’s age. After 8 years of day in and day out it has served it’s purpose well. I always said when it starts to act up I will get a new tablet. Hard to believe it has lasted this long, the case cracked down the center and the nub on the pen is almost gone. Truly a workhorse and I will keep it for just in case something happens.


On to the new piece of equipment for the rig.



You will notice no mouse, the tablet has similar function as a Macbook. Key word here is similar it’s not the same just get over it. I heard people complain about how it’s not just like the MB, really guys it’s a $100 tablet move on. Anyways it does take a few mins to get the hang of not using a mouse to navi. But it’s kinda cool, it can be kinda touchy and if you have little to no patience you may wanna stay away. But if you are mellow and like to have one less thing on your desk it may be for you. One finger and two finger gestures you can really do everything that a mouse does and more. Battery free which should be no surprise to anyone now a days, really does a tablet still need batts?

Now on to the pen/tablet function which is really why I bought it. Well it’s Wacom and they own this market for consumer and pros in my opinion. I have had a few other tablets way back and they were booty. So typical 1024 pressure and 2540 lpi, dimensions 9.8″x6.9″ active work area 5.8″x3.6″ powered and connected thru standard USB. It works great I love the texture of  the drawing surface feels good and pen feels super natural.

Some people have asked my why I don’t push a Intous, or a Cintiq? One big reason is $ they get pricey and the Cintiq is down right expensive. Would I love one oh hell yes! But the Bamboo and the Graphire before it performed great for my illustrations and digital paintings. So for the price you really can’t beat it. If you are in the market for a tablet check them out.



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