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Wrecked Magazine has proposed a challenge read more about it below.


I am not sure if you have seen a promotion that Ford and Need for Speed SHIFT have been putting on but they strapped four video gamers into Need for Speed SHIFT with a 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 at Horse Thief Mile and compared their video game times to real world times. None of the kids could do it of course but then I wondered if it could be done at all.

So I am calling out Vaughn Gittin Jr. out on behalf of all our fans at Wrecked Magazine to a Need for Speed SHIFT challenge of my own. I want to run the same track in Xbox 360 with the famed Shelby GT500 at Horse Thief and see if Vaughn Gittin Jr. can beat my time!

Now please link this around and cause a buzz so we can make this happen. Leave a post in the comments if you love America as well. I wish to put my video gaming skills to a true real life challenge already! Let’s do this Vaughn Gittin Jr., I await your reply. My right thumb versus your right foot per say.

NFS Shift x Ford Promotion:

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