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So after another week of being pissed about the 67 not running right. I have checked the timing, the grounds, the fuel filter, it finally came down to this. My Holley SuperCharger Carb which has 400 miles on it, ended up being the weakest link. I opened it up to find this mess inside the front bowl. I was shocked to see all this crap inside, I checked the fuel filter and it was clear. So I headed over to J&M Speed here in Riverside. Talked to my man Steve and come to find out this is a issue that happened to a few runs of this carb. Holley didn’t have good QC on this one, and the fuel will attack the finish on the metering blocks clogging up the main body and it’s a wrap.



So this is why I had horrible idle and issue with mixture and leaning out. Hoping to get a replacement, and then the case will really be closed.



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