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It’s an addiction all most everyone I know has it. You can’t be without your phone, hook, handset, mobile connection to the world whatever you wanna call it. It’s true for so many of us and totally accepted now. The youth of the world is born while texting now. Sure there are a few of you out there saying not me. If your phone can only dial numbers then that is you. But if you have a phone and it can do more, most likely you do just that. Beyond text, and voice calls (really who calls anymore), phones of the future will not have actual phone call capabilities anymore. Why everyone loves to text and calls can drag on and on. So while you are texting, cruising the web, tweeting, facebooking, no more myspace really, AIM, Loopting, listening to music, and watching a movie. No wonder everyone is so in love with the phone they own. Or does the phone own you?

I know I have the addiction, was at one time the upgrade guy. I would get the newest and greatest phone every 6 months. Rocking a phone just for voice the other for just data. Had SK1 color all the way up to LE, had to buy the Motorola Razor the day it came out. Paid $500 bucks for a phone that could do really nothing but damn it was cool way back in 2004. I was at the MAGIC trade show and someone had a test unit and was writing a review on it. I almost lost my mind over a phone.

Present day I am still rocking a semi dinosaur of the phone world. iPhone 3G not the new one, figure I would wait till July next year and get the one that really does something super amazing. Don’t get me wrong total follower of the Cult of Apple. Just couldn’t justify the expense of  a new phone. My trusty 3G is my homie and I couldn’t just get rid of it for a new best homie. Next year homie time for you to move on, that’s just math.

Here is how I figure most of us are addicted to phones.
First thing in the morning do you
Check email,FB,Twitter,and read RRS from your phone? I do and most of the time I am unaware it’s happening. If I could hook up a tablet and run Illustrator from my phone I would be so stoked. With the power that is coming from handsets soon no need to have a laptop or home computer. Unless you need to do some serious work, right now I know heads that only have a phone and are doing just fine in the world outside. The offline world, the scary place where you need to speak to people, and interact with others. Sure that will all change soon, you can buy almost everything from your phone. Damn Pizza Hut app doesn’t work still. Have to do it so 08 order thru the webpage on my laptop…

Just admit it you love your phone it’s an extension of you and your personality. It’s your connection to the big world of zeros and ones.




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