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Last night was the release party for what many consider the best racing sim ever. I made it out to Century City last night and took part in the festivities. The Event was held at CEC Motorsports Showroom, a very fitting environment for this party.

Let’s get to the main question,  how is the game play? From my short play time about 20 mins it is what you would expect from Turn 10 and Forza 3. Building upon a proven combo and delivering, controls, graphics, you swear you could smell fuel and burnt rubber. Maybe that was just some left over from FD this past weekend. Over 100 tracks, 400 cars that you can tweak and customize replay value is thru the roof. The main mode of play  from the console I was at was drifting, maybe cause I was kicking it with WreckedMagazine. Oh you could drift in Forza 2 but now it’s built in the game. You don’t need to spend time setting up a car and beat it into the ground. You can select the mode and your off, or in many of our cases way too much throttle and spinning out.

This game can not be given a true review till I have many hours of couch time. But from what I had a glimpse of this is gonna be hard to eject from the 360. Between Forza 3 and MW2 I am not gonna get anything done for the rest of 09, and for sure gonna be carried over till 2010. It’s really that great of a game, if you love cars, driving, breathing air, playing games, basically being a human you will most likely love this game. Photos now!




Willie T filming Jason (Wrecked Magazine)



Willie T is up and smashing on the sticks.


Mike CCxCR (my prediction was correct no Johnny)


Vic – CCxCRCCID Agency


Totally just holding these for my friends…


This is hard to see but it was a sit down driving sim set up for Forza 3.





MotorMavens what!


Ryan Tuerck and Tony Angelo show up and show you how it’s done.




All prefect timing right, I sent out my 360 earlier that day due to RROD. So till it gets back this is where my copy will rest. TOTAL BUMMER!!!


Thanks Vic for the invite!!!



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