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So lastnight was the The Hundreds & Jun Cha presents Black and Grey artshow at Canvas LA. I was invited and was honored to be, so I jumped in the car and sat on the freeway for 3 hours worth of traffic. It was so not super rad, but hey I was able to make phone calls and day dream some more. Made it to SGV and picked up my homie Albert. We drove some more and finally made it to Fairfax for the show. I hear the rumor was 1000 people sent in RSVPs for lastnight.

The artist is Jun Cha student at Art Center, tattoo artist, and just overall extremely talented person. Makes me wanna try harder after I look at his stuff. That’s how I like to put it, he’s young talented and probably can do anything. He is a tattoo artist at Jose Lopez’s Lowrider tattoo, and he is a beast. The work from lastnight was a started late of 2008 and completed recently for the show. It includes studio pieces and artwork for The Hundreds collection.






Chuco pieces, but really why do people have to touch paintings??? Didn’t this kids parents teach them anything?


Here are some studio pieces of Jun’s






Chuy from La Rue happened to walk by rocking the new t. (check post below)



Here is Big Lucky who put the show together and the artist Jun Cha. Thank you again guys for the invite, it was an honor.

I personally like Jun’s artwork and feel he is only gonna continue to evolve and inspire other artist. I heard some people being pretty critical of the show and the artwork. I believe the world is becoming more of a cross over everyday, so many influences can mold an artist and what they create.

Show runs this weekend only!



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