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Here is a list of great date movies, well if the date will still talk to you after the movie is over. Well if your date will even sit thru the entire thing is a real test. I guess I just like more interesting films, then the usual block buster only watching crowd. Lets’s begin with #5 working the way up to the #1 all time greatest date movies.

#5 Julien Donkey Boy (1999) – Harmony Korine directs and Werner Herzog stars in this film about a interesting family. Just watch it and ask questions later.

#4 Cannibal Holocaust (1980) – The Most Controversial Movie Ever Made! Pretty much sums up this film, grab the DVD uncut version to get the real value. You will notice the story line has been jacked for many movie that came after it. When this movie came out the director was taken to trial for killing the cast. The cast was instructed to stay out of the public light when the film was released. But due to the trial they all had to make appearance to prove they were alive and well.

#3 Ken Park (2002) – Larry Clark directs this movie about teens in Visalia CA. Harmony Korine writes the screenplay. This movie is so raw you think Lary Clarks’s “Kids” was gnarly screw that. Ken Park has never been released in the states, no distributor has picked it up. I got a DVD copy thru a Russian company. The trailer is up on youtube login and check it out. This movie touches on so many crazy subjects, but the real crazy thing is they are all really happening right now. Think “Kids” on Red Bull x 10 and you may start to understand where this movie is going.

#2 Gummo (1997) Harmony Korine writes and directs this cult classic. I guess I’m a fan of Harmony… Pretty sure everyone has seen this one right? The soundtrack has Black Metal in it what? Who does that? Harmony does!!!

#1 All Time Greatest Date Movie Ever!!!! PINK FLAMINGOS (1972) John Waters directs this piece of underground trash. This movie is pretty straight out the gate on shock mode. GROSS is just the way to put it.

So there is my all time top 5 date movies, try it out and see what your date thinks. Think next will be top car movies, promise those won’t be so way out. Man I feel kinda bad for the person who does a search on great date movies. What if they actually just write down the titles, rent them and actually watch them thinking they are gonna score points.



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