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Haven’t really post any kind of real post beyond photos is months. Why you may ask? Simple things are getting better I have more offers for work, I like to go outside more now… With all the freelance projects, artshows, DSTROYR, cars, games, life, marriage, and everything else who has time to write something anymore. 140 character post steamlined that whole thing.

Still working on the video project, and now have help to make it come to life sooner than later. Another offering of DSTROYR is coming very soon, I know I can’t wait. A couple surprises should be coming in the next few months.

I went to the MAGIC tradeshow this past weekend. For those not in the loop that is a big fashion tradeshow. A few years ago if you walked it all the way thru it was 49 miles. Well that’s what the dude at GES told me and I never could walk the whole show. So I’m gonna stick with his numbers. Well this year was far from that mileage, more like one hall upstairs only.

Usually the huge companies are the ones towering over everyone, they must have been sick. They were absent and not even a doctor’s note. Well really the current state is truly affecting the large companies and fashion is getting hit by it. So with many of the big dogs out the small companies could shine. Well Christian Audigier and all of his brand(s) took a nice piece of land right when you walked in the door. I’m not a fan, I can’t knock the speed of which it took over. But when you come out so hard so fast you leave even quicker.

Once past the Audigier blocks of every thinkable product. I mean you name it it was branded, iphone cases, keychains, I mean everything. I did hear a denim buyer complaining about the denim program. They only have 2 cuts he was saying while looking at 50 pairs of pants on display. I mean if you blast them in a different direction it’s new right?

Let’s move on, SLATE was new this year? Not sure really I dipped out about 3 shows ago. So I think not going made me excited about attending this time. I got to see some old friends and check out how there brands are going. And many of them are running full speed ahead. Which is really great seeing the smaller brand charging. The big guys are chugging with such far out projections and deliveries they are not agile enough to shift. Which in turn makes the smaller more agile ones to set the pace and direction.

Saw some really cool new companies and the passion they have for there lines are awesome. The ones that were too cool for school have shaked out or just didn’t show up. Buyers are looking for what is next and what is new. The old stand by isn’t always gonna move now. The buyer needs to now make some pretty far out predictions on what the customer will gonna want in 3-6 months.

Ran thru Pool, and that show is very DIY hand made one of a kind items. It was cash and carry so if you liked it you could cop it right then. It was mostly women’s apparel and accessories. Not sure if these people plan on going beyond the 10 pieces per item or not. But maybe they wanna keep it that way, why should they wanna move 1000s of units! The passion is still strong with them and the items they painstakingly work on.

On to one thing I couldn’t help but notice and it was bound to happen. If it’s hot everyone is gonna have something just like it. So I saw so much of the same shit it was gross. If you like tight, washed, bedazzled, bejeweled, foil, 20 hits then you got 100 companies pushing it. Now I’m not saying this look is hot, but you can’t deny the mass appeal of this look to so many people world wide. It will be time stamped and date coded in everyones minds from now on.

I was told once by my friend Maxx “Once you get in this game, you can’t leave.” He told me this the night before I started to live in this world. And he is right, I may be jaded sometimes but man I love this fashion planet. It just seems to take more effort to be stoked then it used to.


Most buyers I have met want to be artist or designers, but lack the ability. Scratch that not all want to be so that’s not fair.


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