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George from stopped by HQ yesterday.


We ate some food drank some beers and talked about whatever came up. This conversation sparked some creative ideas, who knows what will happen in the future.

Then it was off to AMP (Adams Motorsports Park) for Thursday Night Drift. I got to met Patrick Mordaunt he is a very nice guy and very talented driver. And then who did I run into?


Japser (RS / DTA) and YO (RS / DTA)


Yo is getting more seat time with his car and I got to go along for his runs. YO is definitely putting in work to understand his car and how to work with it. Super proud of the RS crew they have done so much in the last 36 months. It’s pretty crazy!!!


Eddie running the flags.


Wes is in the background looking kinda scary. It’s the exposure on the camera really.



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