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Jarod crowd New Jersey FD 2009

I meet Jarod many years back, pretty sure he didn’t like me then. I wasn’t that happy of a person I guess, things have changed. I’m way more mellow and we are friends. Some of you may know Jarod from Formula Drift, other from his blog on Fatlace. In the next 3 1/2 questions you may find out just that little bit extra about the man that is called Jarod DeAnda.

1. Give us a little background in your involvement with the auto culture world – in 150 characters or less.

Basically, I HATE cars, they’re loud, obnoxious and AWESOME! I’m totally kidding I LOVE cars, who doesn’t? I mean 4 wheels of fury no matter what you’re into. Fiat’s to Ferrari’s, Volkwagens to Veyrons, Hondas to Hot Rods. I started street racing in SD, worked at a shop, magazine (TMRM’zine, what’s up!), rented cards even, toy company, shoe company, GUMBALL 3000, Meguiar’s, GUMBALL 3000 and most people know me as the “Voice of Formula Drift” but I get down with anybody passionate about cars, that’s our M.O. Run what you brung and respect Blood Sweat & Gears!

2. Do you think that grip, drift, rally could buck traditional motorsports in the US? Could they over power say Indy, Nascar, Roller Derby, and fast walking?

I think Rollerblading aka Fruit booting could make a ressurgence and strike back with the virasity of a 10 year old hopped up on Jello Pudding cups, so look out! Drifting, rally and the new motorsports catching eyeballs is spirited from “traditional” motorsports so the new needs the old, resepct your roots, without them your just a weed that’s gonna get plucked!

3. I know you love beer, I love beer, what are your favs right now? And why are they so special to you?

Beer is the awesomest thing ever, it has 4 basic ingridients and it can be so different across the world!
I have to say Rogue Ales, anything from there and you’ll be stoked but the Juniper Pale Ale is the JAM! Stone Brewing Co, I’m partial to San Diego breweries been from 619/858/760 like Alesmith, Port Brewing and of course please please please try all of the Lost Abbey beers, they’ll blow your mind!

Lastly, try them all but I must say go to a beer fest, I’ll be @GABF (Jon you’re coming with us, book your flight, let’s do this!) which is the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO Sept 24-26th 2,000+ brewers it’s gonna be phenominal! At beer fests in general you won’t see fights which is cool it’s all for the spirit of beer!

1/2 Question – Old school GI Joe (talking 80s) vs. Jonas Bros. (some people are down low Jonas Bro fans, just wanted to see if he is).

Knowing is half the battle!

There you go about as much info that you can get from 3 1/2 questions. Thanks Jarod for playing, for those who are still reading go drink some pepto bismol and do neutral drops in your mom’s mini van.


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