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Update your book marks and head over to and check out the new site!!!

This post has nothing to do with sports, back to work full speed ahead.

Deph from To Die For Clothing stopped by HQ today for a visit. We talked about the industry which never seems to get boring, art, toys, music, fine wines, fine cheese, weirdos, social networks, and anything else that came to mind.


Deph has a new toy coming out Exclusive at SDCC.


more info here here here here

I had to head back to the bat cave and finish up some work. Here is my desk I try really hard to keep it clean but I can’t seem to stay on top of it.


Here is a basic run down of my desk.

1. Work gotta finish it up.
2. Social dorking? / cyber stalking whatever you wanna call it.
3. Just stuff everywhere

Back to work now.



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