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Been awhile since I have posted an interview with someone, last one was end of 2008. Here is the latest with Chase Tafoya and the idea is based around 3 1/2 questions. Get in get some info and get out quick and easy. Take a few moments literally and read the response to Chase’s 3 1/2 questions.

1. What is the process for you to create artwork?

When I paint a portrait of an individual, I try and tell a story about that person through icons and images that pertain to the individual. Most of the time, the images are hidden and not easily understood by the viewer.   Generally, only the person who’s portrait I’m painting and I, know the meaning.

I usually have a basic idea in my mind of how I will layout a piece. Generally, I won’t sketch out or plan a piece; I just start painting.  As I go, ideas pop into my head and the painting turns into what will be the final piece.

2. What do you think of the current state of art and art sales? Be honest.

O wow… As far as my own experience goes, I feel that the current state of art is hurting. I see a lot of ideas being recycled. Not to say that art in itself isn’t a process of recycling old ideas with a new twist. Let’s face it – everything has been done already. But, if you can put your own style/twist on it, then it becomes a breath of fresh air, and people dig on it.  Regarding art sales….. I feel like many people don’t have homes to hang artwork in. I see more people now looking at artwork in a “Do I REALLY need this $1,000 painting!?” kind of way. That being said, I am fortunate to consistently sell art, and feel it is a great investment.  Art can invoke emotions and memories of past experiences, rather than any other tangible “something” out there.

3. Future for you as an artist

Hopefully, my future is to continue finding inspiration in my life through my faith, family, and friends.  It is these things that make me want to create and get all my emotions out onto a blank canvas.  I hope to stay relevant and to continue to bring fresh ideas and create artwork that I’m proud of.  As an artist, you always want to keep pushing the envelope, and continuing to grow in your craft. I feel like I will never be 100% happy with where I’m at with my skill. I always think to myself that there is some 13 year old kid out there who’s ten times better than me, just waiting to get his name out and have his work shown. It’s that kind of thinking that drives me to try and become a better artist. Art is my passion, and I hope it will always play a crucial role in my future.

Regarding the business aspect of my art, the future has great things in store!  Along with Greg Carroll and Courtney Smith, I am a co-founder of P.M.A. (Positive Movement Alliance) which is a universal life style movement here to raise the consciousness of every community around the world. In addition, projects with DSTROYR, the Soul Assassins, The Lovewright Co.,xWEDx and Famous are in the works, along with continuing to show my artwork in galleries.

1/2 Question – What color are your shoe laces on your kicks right now?

All black homie!  Rockin’ the SLAYER vans high-tops!

Thanks Chase, you are simply awesome!!!


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