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Today was the first day I have been back to DSTROYR HQ in 2 weeks. I had to dust the place it was super gnarly. Stocked the RPM hats, and did inventory for a bit. Glad to be back, and getting things organized.

As you may have noticed not much coverage lately of the local drift scene. Or time attack for that matter also. That is because the wedding took much of my extra time, and making it almost impossible to do anything else. But today I did make it over to AMP for a bit, I didn’t stay for the event. Had to get back to work and play catch up. I will be at AMP this Saturday from 3-9 for the tandem finals. If you are in the area check it out.


Ryan and Otis doing the Miami Vice thing. It was 100 deg today and Otis is rocking a wool beanie. Now that’s gangster.


This is my view from sitting in the trunk of Ryan’s Skyline.


Wes sporting his new summer do.


Eddie waiting to tech.


After I split AMP headed over to Amerikajin Fab to see Gilbert. His homie is building  this 58, I really love 58s they are sick.



While at Amerikajin Gilbert got a call. The homie Jon had gotten extremely ill. He has been in critical for weeks now, and things are not looking good. Here is a photo of Jon I took of him for the Wrecked Magazine shoot. Hope you pull thru man.



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