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When I went to The Swap Sale a few weeks ago I needed a clip board. I remembered I had an OG one from my Uncle Randy. I think he gave this to me when I was about 6-7 years old. Why would I still have it you may ask? Simple

1. It’s OG
2. It’s not lame plastic
3. I don’t throw anything away (I have misplaced my Kuro Pushead all over print t shirt from 1989 still bummed about that)
4. Look at the great stickers on it


Jardine is still in biz and located in Corona CA. Check out the OG K&N sticker how great is that. I think this is why I have K&N filters in all my cars to this day. It was burned into my brain from an early age. Kerker is under the SuperTrapp  name ( didn’t get the SuperTrapp on cars thing). Yokohama Tires still in around to this day. Gotta love the tape on the clip. Pretty sure a new plastic clip board will not last this long.



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