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This month I had a birthday, and it was pretty much a normal day really. After a certain amount of them it just become another day. But besides that another big mile stone has been reached, I have had my first car for 20 years. Yes being the pack rat that I am I even still have my first car. Like most cars it’s still not finished, and probably won’t be anytime soon. But it’s my longest running project ever, and I’m having a blast working on it (except for that thing with the washers on the carb).

My parents picked up the 67 back in the early 80s, inline 6 laying on the cross member, pretty much all there.



My Mom and Dad worked on the car and got it back on the road in the mid 80s. Poly glass tires!!!


My Mom drove the car for a several years with the 283 2 barrel with a powerglide behind it. Pretty mellow time and she had fun driving it. Fast foward to 1990 I was rocking flat colors on a car before it was cool, not really the paint was gone. Still rocking the Cragers, some primer, and a Bad Brains sticker in the back window.


I wasn’t really into the car at the time, I think for some weird reason I wanted my Dad’s Datsun pick up. So I didn’t know how to work on the car no did I care. I was too busy playing music and drawing for anything else to matter. But then one day I went for a ride in Matt Eldreds’s 65 Chevelle. That day changed my life in so many different ways. Matt’s car was pretty standard SBC with a Turbo 400 but rocking 4.56 out in the back. So he took me, Forest, Forest’s girl friend for a ride. The gears really made that thing move on the bottom end. He hit second and the car got so out of shape almost hit a parked Volvo on Main Street in Corona. This is how much an impact this made on me I remember the parked car it was dark burgundy. So he just mashed the streets for a few mins and we headed back to the house. Back at the house was my other friends Mike Born, Talis, they all lived with Matt. They all had cars, Mike with his 67 Yellow Nova tin and tubbed, and Talis with his Buick GS talk about torque.

After I got out of the car the lights came on and I was off. This was before the web was really jamming so did the old fashion way. Asked questions and read ever magazine and book related to muscle cars. Before I knew it I was getting the car bug. I went out and got my first set of FlowMaster from Jimmy at Hot Rods Muffler in Corona. The car’s old exhaust was some pretty weak 2″ with Sear’s Muzzlers. I remember the right muffler would come loose and drag on the ground. So no more of that with the new 2 1/4″ FlowMaster exhaust hooked up to the ram horn manifolds was the beginning.

After that I had gotten the car painted which is the same paint to this day. Dupont Maui Blue darker then what would come on a 67 stock from the factory. I was able to track down the last 67 fender at GM in Detroit talk about NOS. I ordered it thru the dealership in Corona and had it shipped to CA.


Here is the car a few years later, on Crager Street Stars with full exhaust out the back. Man I miss that button up, it didn’t make it thru the years. So the car is looking pretty good but the performance wasn’t there still. I mean I swapped out the 2 barrel with a 650  double pumper, killed off the points dizzy (damn remember points???), Edelbrock RPM manifold with matching cam (horrible story with that) Think I may have had Hedman Headers in this pic. So I ran ok but not as hard as I would like it. Thinking back I was still running the 5/16″ fuel line that was killing it. Changed that a few years later.


So what was the next step??? Build a blower motor of course!!!

Saved up all my money while working at ASJ to build up the new mouse. In my room at this time I had wheels and tires stacked up and even was rebuilding a tranny in my room. I kept all the parts in a tray under my bed, the smell was pretty gnarly. So after taking almost 2 years of saving I bought my blower had the block and dragged it home. Joe Grandy from Parts Source build the motor. I remember seeing Joe over at the old spot off of Serfas Club back when I was only a grommet. My Dad would have him machine different parts for the car when I was super young. Before you could just open a catalog or go online and buy parts.


Here I am after the motor and blower install. I wasn’t taking picture like I do now, spent every last dime on my car. After having some minor issues with the motor and my ability to correctly torque u joint bolts it was on the road. Serious this car is a learning experience all the time.


And here it was back in 1998? No hood yo!!! Monster K&N which is still on the car. I used to have a photo of the car from the 3/4 view. I had lowered it and with the 7 quart oil pan it only had three fingers of clearance from the road. Not the smartest idea, I was sitting at a light and a big rig kicked up a rock the size of a baseball. It hit my oil pan thought someone hit me. I had to drag the rock down the street and get to a drive way. The rock was wedged between the road and my oil pan. Total bummer but that Moroso pan was tough and lasted for many years after.

Years go by and I move from Riverside back to Corona, then back to Riverside. I hardly drove the car much in this span of 5 years. I was to busy working on getting into the world of art. I did get some Weld Drag Lites for the back and did score the glass hood that I have. I was looking for a cowl hood that would clear, and by chance this place in Orange had one. It was made for a guy who was drag racing and he crashed the car and didn’t need it anymore. I picked up the hood for $300. Then in May 2007 I finally bought the TCI front clip I wanted for so many years.


I was so pumped on getting it, now the next big step for the 67 tearing it down. So in June I started the task of removing everything from the firewall up, all the wiring, and the carpet.











one my favorite pictures I have ever taken.





Took almost 1 1/2 years to get it back to the road really. But well worth it, this is the short version of this adventure so far. It’s crazy I have had so many experience in and with this car. It’s a part of me, and still in the works. What’s next? Well finally gonna make it hook up, so get the rear suspension all dialed in.

I like to see someone building a car no matter what it is, muscle, bomb, lowrider,import or even a late model. It’s a unique experience for each builder, and you can’t buy that you have to do it.



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