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Ok have you ever got into a conversation, and find out the other person has no online identity? And when you talk about all the “social” networks you are on you get the look like WHY? Whocares about that shit??? I was so anti all the networks till maybe 2005? I think that was when I got a myspace page. And just in the last 1 1/2 half I have fully gotten into the networks more. Man I am trying out Tumblr now just to see if it’s gonna change my life.

I guess for those who have more interesting things in life then to know who is doing what RIGHT NOW!!! These people most likely hardly use email on the phones they carry, man some may not even carry a phone. (scary thought really) I guess maybe since I have a obsessive compulsive personality the network is my crack. I have turned down the volume on them over the last few weeks. But it never fails.

1. Wake up in the morning

2. Grab my phone

3. Check all networks

4. Start computer

5. log into said networks

6. Work

7. Drink morning tea

8. Check networks all the time thru out the day

The people who do not join the digital crack movement maybe be doing it right. Less information over load, more off line face to face interaction. (what will the kids do?) I have been trying more and more to get off line and do more face time. It maybe more weird when you meet online friends off line. It’s actually kinda awkward for both parties. You know the online person but offline what do you have to say? Pretty sure everyone has come across this at one time or another.

I even try to use apps to stream line my networks so I have less login time. Plinger Phone was kinda doing that for me till now it just crashes after launching. I use a feed reader so I can keep up with blogs I like with out having to actually going to the site. Man I can free up sometime if I just stop, but like an addict I am not able to go cold turkey.

Maybe all the “Social” networks just condition you to be a loner at home or sitting at a Starbuck chatting it up with people you really don’t know. I gotta get back to work and checking all the networks, digital crack it’s hard to stop.



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