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So for those of you who have been reading for awhile now, I have been having nothing but issues with my 1967 Chevy 2. Really thought it was the MSD electronics, I mean really thought it was that. So for the past I would say 6 months I have been quad checking my electrical. Last week went with my Godson Wyatt to have the dizzy and MSD 6AL box tested. Of course it wasn’t the electronics, nor the electrical. It must be the carb I shouted!!! So I decided to remove the carb and inspect. Well upon removing the carb it hit me like a ton of Godzilla shit. I tore the car down in 2007 when I installed the TCI front clip. It was back up in mid 2008, my mind slipped and I forgot the most basic thing ever. Before I removed the carb my dad asked is it tight? I said yes and it was, well sort of. I removed the carb and noticed that the gasket was just chilling on the blower. Not smashed not stuck to the carb nothing. Just snug enough to idle but once it was in gear it was no go. The carb studs are threaded coarse x fine, so the studs were bottoming out in the blower casing. But the nut on the fine thread side was stoping just at touching the base plate of the carb. I will cut to the chase, I forgot to put on the washers under the nuts on the carb studs. So here is the reason for the past several months of me going crazy. Good thing is I did figure it out, only took 1/2 a year. And now the MSD is all back in the car and it runs pretty nice. I still have to tune it a bit, but I can now drive it. I kept saying it was something really stupid and simple. And it was, but lesson learned.





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