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So I am watching our Godson Wyatt for a total of 6 days by myself. Truly a different kinda schedule then I am used to. But he is a good baby, and it makes it alot easier on me. We had some errands to run today and here is how it went.

First had to have my MSD 6AL box checked out, yesterday I had the dizzy checked and it passed no problem. So we headed over to J&M Speed Center here in Riverside. The box passed with flying colors, only problem my car still isn’t running right. Bummer back to the search and destroy thru the wiring and see if I missed something.


Then we stopped by DSTROYR HQ to ship out an order that came thru.


Did a few quick stops, Wyatt is ready for his nap. I have a awesome lunch of left over pizza, and check my sparkplug wires resistance to make sure they are in spec. The wires pass with flying colors also. Man this electrical issue with the Nova has to be resolved soon. I’m sure it’s something totally simple and I am missing it.


Remember to support your local speed shops!!!

Gotta take care of some baby stuff while dude is still napping.



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