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Update your book marks and head over to and check out the new site!!!

The DSTROYR blog went live, I think it’s time to give the background story to some of the designs now. I should have written this earlier today but I was just plain busy.

Let’s start off with one of the latest one.

DSTROYR Louder Than Bombs – Some people have asked if it’s a diss shirt. No way and here is the real story behind it. The Louder Than Bombs reference comes from The Smiths record with the same name. I’m a Smith/Morrissey fan for real, sure it’s not metal but I’m still a fan. Actually when I was 16 I traded all my Anthrax tapes for the OG Smiths tapes. I was a undercover fan, talking about Motley Crue but when I got home I was listening to Meat Is Murder. The sneak peek of the DSTROYR Louder Than Bombs design was posted on Feb 18th 2009, it was actually the 17th but the wordpress site has it up as the 18th. But that was the day the new Morrissey “Years Of Refusal” was released in the US. Also why the Peace sign? Why not, I’m throwing Peace signs in 09.


DSTROYR Schlitz Faced – When I was younger BMV and I would drink 40.OZ and eat Miguel’s Jr. burritos. And sometimes we would drink the bull, it was priced right and did the job. Schlitz Malt Liquor had way out commercials on TV way back when. And the tag line comes from The Breakfast Club.


DSTROYR Gun Club – Revolvers are the best no matter what anyone says. Some argue hi cap, I say don’t miss. The hammers are Dan Wesson and they are mean! Throw in a speed loader, and silhouette target and it’s on. Many people asked where the gun club is at, and how do they join.


DSTROYR Race Team – I always wanted American Torq Thrust 2 wheels. Sure everyone has them you know why, they are classic!!! Never go out of style and they just look awesome. I finally got them on the Nova last year, well the fronts for now. The story behind this shirt is pretty straight forward, I wrench on my car and love to do it. This graphic doesn’t have a car on it, but does have some of the classic elements to hot rodding. The flags are inspired by the Chevy / Corvette style icon. Also has some Roth flavor thrown in the mix, I still have my t-shirts he signed right before he passed away.


DSTROYR Swim Team – I’m sort of a geardo, military stuff is something I like to research. Mainly the weapons and equipment really. So this graphic is based off of a Navy Seal coming out of the water. HK MP5 with a Aimpoint, many people didn’t get this one. But those who did love it and that’s the whole idea. This graphic also was an experiment in this style of illustration, which I have been doing alot of since then.


Well here is just a few background stories for these designs. Each design pretty much has a little something to them. Looking forward to the future of what will be created. And thanks to everyone who has supported!!!


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