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Sunday was the trip to Willow Springs International Raceway for The Balcony drift event put on by RAD Experience. Only one problem I had to borrow a camera and I didn’t get the photos so this post will be updated with photos. But I captured a few with my trusty iPhone.

First off WSIR is like the greatest place ever, I thought I died and went to car porn/racing heaven. No joke this was my first time and I wanna go back real soon. This place was so awesome I am beyond speechless, maybe I am easily taken back by the tracks and the huge amount of people driving. Anyways I wanna install the 4 link and posi in the nova and head out for some track time.

So we end up at The Balcony and it is crazy! No joke I mean Robbie and I get out of the Sub and walk to the fence to watch. Robbie is snapping some pics, and one of the homies during practice is coming in a little hot and heads into the bails of hay and they go flying. Like Matrix style man I dodged one and the others went over me, taking out the BBQ. He was ok the hay is cool and it’s back on.

Some really gnarly cars came out, example RX7 with  heavy breathing Mustang 5.0 = crazy. But besides the insane cars some really dedicated drivers came out hard with some battle damaged rides. Tony Pham came out and drove his Turbo Miata fresh off a TC and ended up in the top 16. Congrats to Tony!

Had a blast and got to meet some new heads, and catch up with some familiar faces. Totally talking myself out of building a car, I have one project car I need to finish.

Hey Button Willow is also a nice track, not so much when you end up there instead of WSIR. All good, had alot of time to talk about cars.




Rock Da Mullet is everywhere!


Speaking of mullets here is one for you Ed!!!


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